Chris Dzombak

My Next Step

I’m excited to announce that effective September 3, I’m joining The New York Times as an iOS developer.

At the end of August, I’ll be leaving Nutshell, on excellent terms with the company’s leadership and my coworkers there. I know Nutshell will continue growing and will prove itself a successful company, but joining the Times is a unique opportunity that I can’t pass up.

This decision was not necessarily easy for me to make, but I am confident it’s the right one. I have been interested in journalism for a long time; I was a photojournalist and eventually a photo editor at the Michigan Daily for most of my undergraduate career, and since then I have been interested in journalism and its place in our newly digital world. I love opportunities to bring my interests together, and this one is no different: my team at the Times will help determine the digital future of one of the nation’s oldest (and best) newspapers.

I will miss a lot about Ann Arbor: friends, family, coworkers, the Flyers, mountain biking five minutes from my apartment. But I’m sure I’ll adjust quickly to life in New York; I have friends and family there, and I’ll be able to keep up my extracurricular activites as well.

The next couple weeks might be a little stressful as I move and get settled in, but I’m really excited.