Chris Dzombak

Big Phones

I’ve been thinking about phone sizes. My contract with Verizon isn’t up for another year, so I won’t be buying the 6 or 6 Plus. But if I were, I would get the 6. I’ve tried a few friends’ phones, and while I was initially very skeptical of the 4.7 inch size I would probably like it.

I like using the 5S one handed, and it seems like the right size for a pocket device. But since the 6 was announced, I’ve found myself occasionally wishing for a bigger screen when doing anything nontrivial on the phone.

5.5 inches is insane, and I would never buy the 6 Plus.

I think the 6 looks worse than the 5S, though. Especially the back, with the plastic antenna lines. It looks cheap.

It might be the first iPhone I’d put a case on. A friend has the Apple leather case on his and it’s actually an improvement.