Chris Dzombak

Notes on Impostor Syndrome in software development

(Thoughts in no particular order.)

I think this probably affects most people in many fields, not just software: I leave you with a few lines from It’s Only a Play, by Terrence McNally. This is a comedy written, in the playwright’s words, to “attempt to describe exactly what it was like to work on Broadway in the 1980s.”

Frank, a theater director, is awaiting critics’ reviews of the play he just opened:

Frank: The emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!

James: What emperor, darling?

Frank: This emperor. I’m a fake. My work’s fake. I can’t go on like this—the critics’ darling—knowing that it’s all a fake.

Julia: Try to hold on just one more time.

Frank: I’ve had fourteen hits in a row Off-Broadway and thirty-seven Obies. I want a flop. I need a flop. Somebody, tell me, please: when is it my turn? I’m no good. You’ve got to believe me. I’m no good.