Chris Dzombak

Removing AT&T Mobile Web Bookmark from Android Phones

AT&T adds a bunch of software and bookmarks to all the phones it sells. Once you’ve rooted your Android phone, it’s pretty simple to remove most of the provider’s crapware.

AT&T also adds a “Mobile Web” bookmark to the Android phones it sells. I finally figured out how to remove it. Note that you’ll need a rooted phone and the Android development tools (or at least adb) to follow these instructions.

Get to your phone’s shell with adb shell. Then execute these commands:

$ su
# sqlite3 /data/data/
sqlite> DELETE FROM bookmarks WHERE _id=1;
sqlite> .quit
# exit
$ exit

That’s all!

I’ve tested this on an LG Thrive. If sqlite3 isn’t found, you’ll need to figure out where it is on your phone. Most rooting procedures install it somewhere for you.