Chris Dzombak

iOS 8 Extensions Roundup

Update: Apple rolled out updates to affected apps. These updates resolved apparent FairPlay decryption problems and extensions now work!

I’m excited to start using iOS 8 extensions, but it’s looking like it’ll be a rough ride for a little while.

Extensions distributed through the App Store aren’t working for anyone; we have one in the newest NYT Now release, and though it works in all our builds it’s nonfunctional in the build I just downloaded from the App Store:

iOS 8 Notification Center with OmniFocus and NYT Now Extensions

OmniGroup is having the same problem with their extensions.

We ran into a number of difficulties in the tooling and frameworks while building our extension. And share extensions are no picnic either; Tumblr ran into a number of problems building theirs.

These problems aren’t limited to us. I’m very curious what’ll happen when iOS 8 is released tomorrow.