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Fatal Error

Looking back on Fatal Error’s first season.

Fatal Error

Earlier this year, my friend Soroush Khanlou and I started a podcast. After some discussion, we chose the name Fatal Error (a name which has turned out to be even more fun than we expected).

We started podcasting because every time we see each other, we end up having a really great conversation about something related to iOS development, or generally to software engineering. And we figured it might be interesting to record some of those chats for others to listen in on.

We decided to work in seasons of 10 episodes, spaced 2 weeks apart. Soroush summarized the stuff we covered this season:

Each episode, we covered a different programming pattern. We covered coordinators, view models, promises, and signals. We discussed singletons, the single-responsibility principle, domain-driven design, and testing. We capped the season off with a discussion of why we think caring about code is the same as caring about your product.

We weren’t sure what to expect. That’s part of why we decided to begin with a single, ten episode season: we wanted to set expectations both for listeners and ourselves, and provide a clear point in time to evaluate how things went and decide what to do next.

We’ve both been blown away by the positive response and support we’ve received. I’m still honestly shocked by the reception we’ve had (particularly about episode 9, where we discussed testing — something we’ll certainly come back to in the future).

Season 2

We’re taking a short break to plan and regroup, and Season 2 of Fatal Error will begin early in January.

We’re still working out our plans, but we’re hoping to expand a little bit: in addition to intensely technical episodes like those in Season 1, we might sometimes cover open-source tools and libraries we like, have a more casual conversation now and then, or have an occasional guest on the show.


Thanks for your support! It means a lot to us.

I’m @cdzombak on Twitter.