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Using Flickr Again

Using Flickr Again

As I mentioned in my recent “Now” post, I was considering starting to use Flickr again, since I didn’t have anywhere public to share photos and screenshots. A day or two after that post, I decided to use Flickr, and I’ve started to post new stuff to my Flickr account again.

A couple highlights to mention:

I’ve also started weeding out some old photos of “meh” quality, and I’ve left some old groups I don’t have anything to contribute to. I joined a couple new groups, and I’m starting to organize old content as possible; I want to try to make old photos more discoverable by putting them in the relevant albums and collections. That’s slow work, and I have to remind myself that — despite my perfectionist tendencies — I don’t need to perfectly index 3,000 old photos and file them each carefully and thoughtfully into all the relevant albums.