Chris Dzombak

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Part of the Project Announcements series.

Following a recent weekend trip, I wrote a simple little app that plays a recording of waves on Lake Michigan crashing at the shore. It’s around 14~15 minutes long, and it loops perfectly. The app’s “artwork,” such as it is, consists of two photos (shot on iPhone) I took at the lake.

Unfortunately, this will likely never be available on the App Store. It’s an almost-trivial app, so I doubt it would get through App Review; and I don’t currently have a ($100/year) Apple Developer account. But you can build it in Xcode and run it on your phone.

This was my first-ever time using SwiftUI, and overall it seems to work well, at least for something this simple. It’s also therefore possible that the code is messy and not idiomatic. But it works.

I also started a web version, but decided to stop after realizing that the HTML5 <audio> element doesn’t loop seamlessly. If someone wants to pick that project up and fix it, pull requests are welcome!

Some screenshots:

Home Screen while the app is playing

App while sound is paused

App while sound is playing