Chris Dzombak

A brief index of many neat Ann Arbor things

This is a lightly-edited adaptation of an email I wrote tonight to a friend who recently moved to town. It’s obviously not a complete index of everything that’s fun or cool in Ann Arbor, and it’s heavily oriented around our particular interests, but you wanted me to share. It’s a start.

Nerd Nite

…is great:

City of Ann Arbor info

Meetups for meeting and networking with tech people


Ignite Ann Arbor

… is an awesome yearly-ish event:


Music and theatre

(all of these have email lists, twitters, and facebooks you can use to find out about upcoming events)

Good cocktail bars

The library!

Good beer downtown

Social/Outdoor Meetups

I haven’t been to any of these, but I know Literati hosts events which you may find interesting.

I think that’s what I have for now. There’s obviously much more—especially bars and restaurants—than I have room to mention here. It’s a fun town.

Pretend this says “Ann Arbor” instead:

welcome to new york