Chris Dzombak


Update, spring 2019: the ArborWX blog is now living in an archived state and is no longer updated. The Twitter account, @ArborWX, is still semi-active.

I recently started a blog, ArborWX, with the intention of bringing user-friendly, helpful, hyperlocal weather information to the Ann Arbor area. This seems as good a time as any to formally announce it.

So, here it is: For timely updates, follow the blog’s Twitter account, @ArborWX.


I really like monitoring and watching interesting storms. Instead of just reporting to friends and coworkers via GroupMe or HipChat, my hope is that this blog can bring some reports and analysis to my friends in Ann Arbor, who may find it useful.

Some guiding principles

I want ArborWX to be:

It’s important to note that I am not trying to replace any existing weather service or alert system. In particular:

An Important Note

You should always rely on local emergency broadcasters for up-to-date information on potentially dangerous situations.

So there you have it.

ArborWX is already Ann Arbor’s most popular weather blog. Follow along on Twitter @ArborWX.