Chris Dzombak

Fatal Error, Season 2

Part of the Project Announcements series.

Season 2 of Fatal Error, the podcast my friend Soroush and I co-host, returned for its second season on January 2 of this year.

As I wrote previously, we’re humbled by the support we’ve received from the community. And we’re planning to expand into a new style for Season 2: in addition to intensely technical episodes like those in Season 1, we will sometimes cover open-source tools and libraries we like, and we might have a more casual conversation now and then or even have an occasional guest on the show. (There are, unfortunately, not an infinite number of design patterns and engineering best practices for us to discuss in-depth — although we have several testing-related episodes in the queue.)

In addition, we’ve started a Patreon campaign for Fatal Error. Since launch, we’ve been covering our hosting & editing costs ourselves, and we thought it would be interesting to try an alternative to traditional podcast ads.

In Season 1, we released a new Fatal Error episode every two weeks. In Season 2, we’re releasing a new episode weekly, with a twist: every other episode is released only to our Patreon supporters.

In our first Patreon-only episode, released last week, we discussed our Swift 3 experiences, including an in-depth discussion of converting a large project from Swift 2 to 3, with a number of useful reference links.

I hope you’ll consider joining us on Patreon; but even if you don’t, please continue to enjoy the podcast. And thank you.