Chris Dzombak

Log your Ecobee data in InfluxDB with ecobee_influx_connector

Part of the Home Energy and Environment Monitoring series.

Earlier this year, I wrote ecobee_influx_connector, which logs your home’s temperature/humidity readings and HVAC equipment runtime to InfluxDB using the Ecobee API.

Thanks to Andy Blyler, there’s an easy-to-deploy Docker image available too!

The project’s README covers setup, configuration, and usage pretty well.

I use this, alongside my Energy Bridge connector, to make a nice Grafana dashboard tracking my home’s energy usage. (I also use my NUT-Influx Connector, which I haven’t documented yet, to bring in energy usage data from all my USB-connected UPSs.)

(One minor item to note is that, when ecobee_influx_connector is restarted, it may write a few duplicate points to InfluxDB. This shouldn’t cause any problems, and I have an open issue reminding myself to fix it when I have time.)