Chris Dzombak

Checking in on iOS 15 bugs, as of 15.0.2

Part of the iOS 15 Bugs series.

Following up on these posts, I thought I’d check which bugs are still present in iOS 15.0.2:

And as a bonus, there are two new bugs toward the bottom of this post.

Shortcut to activate focus mode actually deactivated it

I haven’t noticed this recently, so maybe it’s fixed?

Focus modes don’t always block all the notifications I expected

Too early to say, but anecdotally I can remember being confused about why I was still seeing certain apps’ notifications in iOS 15.0.1.

Can’t allow Shortcuts notifications in a focus mode

Still present. Focus modes hide notifications from the Shortcuts app, and you can’t allow Shortcuts notifications in a focus mode:

Shortcuts app is missing when configuring a focus mode's allowed apps

I can’t run an app I installed via Xcode

Untrusted developer alert

This is perhaps the most infuriating bug I’ve encountered, and it’s still present on iOS 15.0.2. In Settings, there is absolutely nowhere I can go to trust myself as a developer.

It seems this may be related to having a previously-paid and now-expired Apple Developer account:

But it’s important to note that this is supposed to work regardless of the state of your Apple Developer account.

Nevertheless, I finally figured, “fine, I’ll give Apple the damn $100 just to make this work again.”

Hah! Apple’s site just silently fails every time I click “Continue To Review,” in Safari or Firefox, with all content blockers disabled.

Apple won't even let me give them money for a developer account

Apple Watch didn’t transfer to new phone

🤷🏻 no way am I erasing my phone to test this again.

Can’t setup Unlock with Apple Watch

Hey, they actually fixed this one!

Shortcuts can’t set end time for focus mode

Not only is this still broken, I can’t even figure out how to do it via Control Center. Is the “Turn on Do Not Disturb until tomorrow morning/until I leave this location” feature totally gone?

Shortcut to enable sleep focus mode

New: Smart Stacks keep getting polluted

I have — well, I had — exactly one Smart Stack on my phone. It lived in the Today view and let me switch between my Things and Fantastical widgets.

After moving to my new iPhone, it kept growing new widgets:

Smart Stack containing Siri Suggestions, which I did not ask for

iOS 15 kept adding Siri Suggestions and some other items to this stack. To remove them, I had to go into editing mode, (counterintuitively) tap the green “+” button, and then tap the red “-“ button that finally appeared.

After this happened for a few days in a row, I just removed the Smart Stack from my Today View.

New: Apple TV Remote doesn’t connect

Apple TV Remote UI searches forever

This one is pretty self-explanatory. My phone can’t find my Apple TV. It just searches, forever.

Apple stuff is expensive. Used to be that if you fully bought into the ecosystem, stuff just generally worked, and it was worth paying for. I’m not sure that’s true any more.